A side-by-side evaluation of traditional bouquets versus our eco-friendly bouquets

Agriculture of Today

Agriculture of Tomorrow

1. A conventional bouquet stays fresh for 7-12 days

1. Our bouquets last a minimum of 6 months

2. Each bouquet is responsible for emitting 25-60 kg of CO2

2. CO2 emissions reduced by over 90% over 6 months

3. Average cost per bouquet: 200 DKK, totaling 5,200 DKK every 6 months

3. Average cost per bouquet: 700 DKK, resulting in 85% savings after 6 months

4. Constant need for refrigeration

4. No need for refrigeration

5. Flower transportation often involves long-distance flights

5. We prioritize road transportation for its lower environmental impact

6. High flower maintenance include: watering, trimming & handling

6. Requires very little to no maintenance, only occasional dusting off

7. Extensive water requirement: An average of 0.5 liters daily (182 liters / year)

7. No water required (saving 182 liters water / year)

8. Studies show that approximately 40% of all flowers die and go to waste before they reach the customer

8. Due to our flowers extended longevity, we experience minimal waste; each bouquet is assembled by order

9. Significant pesticide use in conventional flower cultivation

9. We employ minimal pest and weed control methods and harvest most of our foliage from nature pesticide-free

10. Fresh flowers can be allergens

10. Our experience and research show no allergic reactions to preserved flowers, though an absolute guarantee cannot be provided

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