Changing the floral game – 6 months of lasting beauty …

The most sustainable and cost-effective option for corporate flower purchasing today.

Boost your ambiance in hotels, offices, eateries and more.

The future of flowers

Floral Affairs is committed to safeguarding our collective future. A future where buying a bouquet of flowers is not just a short-lived pleasure, but a demonstration of considered and lasting care for our planet.

Conventional flower harvesting results in significant CO2 emissions, often surpassing 37 kg per bouquet, thereby compromises the potential for a sustainable future.

The real and natural flowers from Floral Affairs are preserved to maintain the vitality of fresh blooms while reducing CO2 emissions by over 90%, thanks to their minimum 6-month lifespan, produced without any harmful chemicals.

Explore our collection of real long-lasting flowers

Carefully chosen by our designers, each flower is artfully incorporated into an ethical bouquet, minimizing the impact on both budgets and the planet, while providing you with the effortless joy of maintenance-free natural beauty.

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